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Delivery Solutions handles all the following types of mail for delivery in Jamaica. ..
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“It is our steadfast commitment to provide our clients with the best same-day delivery solution.”
Mail Management
Delivery Solutions has superior technological capabilities for mail management.  Our automated, digital systems are a quantum leap away from the manual methods of processing mail that still characterize most mail operations.

With these ultra-modern capabilities, we guarantee accuracy, speed as well as the ability to satisfy any requests for customized labeling.
  • Mailing address accuracy
    Our system electronically scans addressed mail and digitizes the information at lightening speed when sorting. The subsequent facilities to detect possible discrepancies in mailing information and sanitize mailing databases are superior features that have convinced many clients to entrust us with managing their mailing databases.
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  • Weight and postage accuracy for postal-bound mail
    Our utilization of digital franking equipment is a speedier, more cost effective alternative to manual weighing and application of postage stamps.
  • Drastically reduced times for processing bulk mail
    With traditional manual systems, larges volumes of mail can take up to several days to be sorted for delivery. Processing times are slashed and bulk mail is ready for distribution within hours thanks to our state-of-the-art mail room.
  • Faster dispatch of mail
    Our faster processing of large volumes of mail for localized or island-wide delivery translates to earlier dispatch times than could ever have been possible with manual systems.
  • Tailored labelling specifications for mail and packages
    Manual stamping of envelopes can be a laborious, time intensive task. Delivery Solutions can automatically affix status indicators (e.g. urgent or confidential) or personalized greetings, such as ‘Happy Holidays’ to envelopes in a fraction of the time utilized by manual methods. Additionally, customers are freed from the expense of having to acquire dedicated message rubber stamping paraphernalia.
  • Detailed, accurate invoicing
    The capability for detailed, precise invoicing is built into our systems. Our customers receive easy-to-read, accurate, electronically-generated invoices.

Bearer Outsourcing
Delivery Solutions guarantees maximum efficiency and courteous, professional service to customers who contract our bearers.MORE
Whether the arrangement is for one day, a week, a month or a year, we are committed to ensuring that customers receive first-class service consistent with business or personal requirements.
Courier/Messenger Services
Delivery Solutions has integrated digital mobile technology into all courier deliveries to give customers the ultimate satisfaction of knowing their mail or packages have been delivered on time and into the right hands.
Customers receive confirmation of the exact time of hand-over of their mail or package and the name of the recipient via simultaneous fax or email notification.

Customers have three options for courier services:
  • Emergency
    Immediate use of a courier(s)/messenger(s) for an urgent delivery is guaranteed
  • Regular
    Our couriers make the delivery typically within three hours of picking up the mail or package.
  • Economy
    Our couriers typically complete the delivery by 5 p.m. the same day, provided that order has been called in and the mail/package is ready for pick-up no later than 12 noon.
MORE Delivery Solutions delivers the following classes of mail:
  • Bulk Mail
    We specialize in distribution of large mail volumes for businesses and individuals.
  • Priority/urgent dispatches
    We serve businesses and individuals with urgent mail needing to be delivered within narrow time windows.
  • Sensitive mail
    We are a trusted service for businesses or individuals needing confidential and sensitive documents to be delivered. Bank runs and tax office transactions are frequent requests from our clients.
  • Fragile/Delicate Material
    We take special care to ensure that delicate items and packages with fragile contents arrive intact.