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Ms. Marsha Smikle

Ms. Marsha Smikle
Managing Director of Delivery Solutions, Project Management Specialist.

She founded the company in 2007, after working for more than a decade in various project management capacities. Most of her project management experience was garnered while working with multi-million dollar projects in Jamaica, funded by the European Union.

Ms. Smikle is a respected professional, admired for her unquestioned integrity and deep sense of accountability. She is committed to the vision of Delivery Solutions as a dependable outsourcing partner helping to accelerate the efficiency of businesses by offering innovative solutions and unparalleled service. She invests a lot of time training and coaching the Delivery Solutions team in pursuit of this vision.

Ms. Smikle is a graduate of the University of the West Indies, where she majored in Management Studies. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree with honors from the institution. She also holds a Diploma in Marketing and Certification in Project Management from the Boston University Distance Education Programme. Her latest certification includes Mail Room Management and Mail Services from the United States Postal Forum.

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