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Delivery Solutions is a dynamic, technology-driven Jamaican company offering mail-management and delivery solutions. We have the management expertise, structures, technology and team to deliver a superior experience and meet the most stringent timelines.  We boast modern mailroom architecture, state-of-the-art equipment for on-site and off-site use, outposts in eleven parishes and an expansive network of professional, courteous, well-trained messenger/courier personnel. We are a trusted business partner to companies, organizations and individuals who demand secure, confidential, highly capable mailroom systems and operation; on-time mail delivery and outstanding courier support.

Delivery Solutions was established in 2007 with the recognition that businesses need more than just services. They needed solutions partners. With continuing emphasis on technology and training, we have carved a solid niche for our services. The strong ties that we have forged with lead companies in telecommunications, banking and finance, distribution, marketing, and transportation are testament to our commitment to deliver excellent service with integrity. Clients that routinely enlist our services include a leading cable television and telecommunications firm and banking institutions.

are uniquely positioned to help businesses transition to cost-effective outsourcing solutions that reduce capital expense on non-core business requirements. Our continuing investment in efficiency-enhancing technologies not only guarantees fast, reliable mail distribution but allows us but pass on cost-saving benefits for services with heavy utilization of such technology.

Delivery Solutions is the ideal partner for businesses demanding excellence for all aspects of their operations.  Our team’s strong results-orientation is due to solid management expertise and project management specialization at the helm of our operations.  Customers can be assured that all contracts for service are closely monitored to ensure full execution of agreed deliverables and satisfaction of all service guarantees.

“It is our steadfast commitment to provide our clients with the best same-day delivery solution. We fervently pursue offering the most responsive customer oriented, point-to-point delivery service. Delivery Solutions is committed to staying on the forefront of same-day delivery technology. Our goal is to provide superior service that our customers expect and more!”